Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Hidden Castle is waiting...

As a lover of music, I generally tend to adopt a few bands and follow them as avidly as possible.

My New Shirt is one of those bands for me, and they are quite fantastic. Currently they're working on getting together an album. Finding time for studio is difficult since they all work full-time jobs.

However, when a gig pops open, they eagerly accept the chance to showcase their beautiful music.

Last night was no different, and they happily accepted an invitation at The Hidden Castle in Norman, Oklahoma.

Now, with a name like The Hidden Castle, one does have to assume the worst. We did, and all the way to the gig wondered what would come of the night. Rumored to have one of the best stages and sound systems, The Castle offered the most important quality in an unseen/unplayed venue.

Upon arrival the confusion was perpetuated, as The Hidden Castle was quite literally a castle. Really the only thing missing was a moat and possibly a dragon, but who really needs a dragon around anyway?

The door man was very helpful and friendly, as well as the owner. They worked for over an hour fine tuning during the set up, and the end product was a clear, solid sound.

The venue itself has some charm. There are comfortable booths and plenty of chairs. There are some pool tables in the back to provide entertainment for those who need to move around a bit.

The decorations, though a bit lacking, weren't a complete distraction. Since they've only reopened a few weeks back I'll cut them some slack. Same for the bar. All they currently have is beer (domestic $2 and imported $2.50). The owner let us know they'll soon have a full bar.

Rite On played after My New Shirt, and they were a fun, energetic band. I think you can catch them all around the city, so check out their Facebook for upcoming shows.

All in all The Hidden Castle left me with a good feeling. My New Shirt was invited back, so I'm excited to head back down in a couple of months and see their progress.

Just an FYI: I've been told that The Hidden Castle used to be Buzz's Subs. So if you want to drive by and see the joint, or if you want to make a trek down to see some music, that should get you there.

Until next time, get out there and enjoy the city!

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